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Services offered by Awilda:

Reiki: Hand placements on specific areas of the body to promote energy flow and realign the body's energy centers for relaxation and pain reduction.

Relaxation Massage: Dynamic massage techniques used to reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation and enhance overall well-being.

Acu-Tune Balancing: Session consists of assessment, a Byosen Scan and tuning forks to assist bringing the chakras
back in alignment within your body.

Angel Card Readings: Using Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue I will interpret what the angels are saying to you. The
session lasts 30 minutes.

Reflexology: Using the ancient art of stimulating reflex points on hands or feet that helps improve relaxation, blood flow, and helps to reduce pain, enjoyable alternative to massage.

Crystal Session: Client will lie in a grid to help promote what they are seeking. Use of several crystals and minerals
depending on what you as the client are seeking.

Learn Reiki: Different learning levels or online learning available.

Reiki **60 minutes $90

Relaxation Massage **30 minutes$45 **60 minutes $70 **90 minutes $100

Acu-Tune Balancing **30 minutes $45 **60 minutes $65

Reading at end of any service (15 minutes must request at time of appointment) $15

Angel Card Reading **30 minutes $30

Coaching Sessions Call for price

Reflexology or Crystal Session **30 minutes $45

Angel Card Reading Parties (min. 8) Call for price

Learn Level 1 & 2 Reiki to enhance your awareness (2.5 hours) **$140

**owner reserves the right to change pricing at any time